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This page was designed to help buyers and sellers make informed real estate decisions. As an established real estate company we know that it is often difficult to get relevant information when you are looking to buy and sell a home; we are glad to be the first agent in Croatia to provide this information. We truly hope that you find these resources helpful and we look forward to helping you with your needs.

The first step in your real estate search is finding the right agent who will best protect your interest. As a fact, in real estate as in life - not all things are created equal. In fact, the real estate agent can save you or cost you thousands of euros.

Unfortunately in Croatia, this task of finding the reputable agents can be even trickier than in your home country. In your online real estate search you will find hundreds of web sites with different companies and agents all claiming to be reputable! How can you distinguish the inexperienced agents from experienced and trustworthy agents?

Well, think of the process of your search for the right agent as the any other hiring process - with you on the boss' side of the desk. Asking the right interview questions should give you some idea about what outcome you can expect from using this agent.

Below are key questions you should be asking to ensure that you get the best representation for your needs:

Questions you should ask yourself when hiring an agent:

Do the person or persons you are dealing with have a registered real estate company?

This should definitely be one of your major concerns. Unfortunately, you do not have any legal protection or right to complain if something goes wrong if not dealing with registered company.

How long has the company been in business?

Unfortunately, many real estate companies in Croatia have been established in the last two years or less to make a quick buck on an emerging, and still not a properly regulated market. These companies do not have the required knowledge and experience to warn you about the most common pitfalls and problems in a real estate purchase in Croatia which can save you time, nerves and money.

What is the company's track record and reputation in the market place?

One of the easiest ways to check a reputation is to ask for the reference list of their past clients which you can contact to hear honest opinions about their experience with this particular agent/agency. Another easy way is to simply do your basic research before contacting any agents. If this agent does not know the right answers to the most common question that you learnt in your quick research, what real support can he/she provide?

Have these agent/agencies dealt with foreign buyer and investors before?

Again the list of relevant contact numbers could be useful to check the credibility.

Do you want to deal with agents or companies that are fly-by-night operations? Are the names of agents or the company owner/manager listed on the website?

Something looks fishy there if there is absolutely no name quoted behind the company or at least the name of the main contact person or agents. Why is this person hiding their identity in public? Perhaps they are operating an unregistered real estate business.

Do you want to take the risk of dealing with untrained, and inexperienced and untrustworthy agents or companies?

"The obvious answer is no. The worst thing that can happen to you is to risk or even loose your whole investment. Remember, the good agent is there to ask questions, determine your needs, listen to your worries, and give suggestions. The good real estate agent will show you only properties which fit our needs and budget and will always be able to provide your solicitor with the written proof of title and other required paperwork.

Your agent presented you the property which does not have clean papers. Should you continue to trust him/her?

It depends, if the agent is open and honest about the situation you should at least listen. In certain cases there are some minor legal complications which might be worth your extra time and consideration when purchasing the property. In some cases you might be able to sign a pre-contract with an excellent guaranteed purchase price for the property because of your will to wait for the paperwork to be completely clean. However, you should definitely have a guarantee from at least one reputable lawyer that this can be resolved in a certain time period.

If you are in legal or in any other difficulty with your property during or after the purchase, can you get help from your agent?

Your real estate agent should listen and try to resolve any difficulties in the purchase process. Even if not possible to resolve the problems, some acceptable solution for all the parties involved should always be sought. The real estate agent will be going beyond their contractual obligations if he is willing to listen to your questions even after the contract is made; this is what separates a good agent from exceptional real estate representative.

When does the real estate agent seek for their commission?

It is only logical that the real estate commission should be paid upon successful completion of the real estate transaction, which is when the final contract is made and signed. The agents who seek their commission already during signing of the preliminary contract show they put their personal interest and gain before the best interest of their client.

Things you should beware of:

Beware of people who represent themselves as businessmen, when in fact they are looking to make a quick buck.

Many of these so-called businessmen do not provide any of the services that a real estate agent offers, nor do they pay any taxes and you may be dealing with an illegal or unlawful transaction.

Beware of the line "I'm selling this for a friend... I get no money from this sale."

This person does not represent the best of your interest and is probably working for no one else but himself.

Beware of the real estate agents offering to draft the contract, and lawyers offering to provide you with the services of real estate agents.

Even though this unfortunate practice still exists in Croatia, according to the law the solicitors should not present and gain the commission from the properties. Job description of the solicitor and the real estate agent should be kept separated.

Beware of agricultural and tourist-commercial land being sold as residential.

The prices of land, and development restrictions differs widely in different zones. Have your solicitor check the paperwork and zoning regulations in detail before investing your funds.

Beware of houses that are built illegally or in non-building zone.

Without warning many properties are demolished by the Government of Croatia that are build illegally without a building permit.

Beware of the houses that are claimed to have a clean title when in fact it is not.

Beware of the low property price.

Why is the value of the house so low? Is there something wrong with the house? Is the published low price just a bite for you to come, and in fact the real price is much higher or the property is sold long time ago?

Beware of the high property price.

Why is the value of the house so high? Is it over valued and inflated? Is the agent hiking up the price for his back pocket?

You can shop around! We know the market better than anyone, contact us!